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Post  mconnel on Sun Aug 12, 2007 4:57 am

Hi and welcome to club penguin trading cards if you are nice you earn a card if win a contest you may get a card if its a design contest you may get coins depending on how good the card is each card has a rartity 0-100 you can also buy cards the money goes to whoever designed the card you can trade cards with other users and you cn win cards such as beating a friend on a PF game or even a cp gaame remembr we need pics!
Ok I will edit in cards for buying and people with cards I will also edit in cards to browse be nice and you may get one.
name:blue puffle
preview:penguindeeo cards Bluepuffleel1
cost:2 trading points
everyone starts with 50 points each card costs points to earn pointsdesign a card or be nice but if you win a contest you get points and coins thanks!
name:green puffle
preview:penguindeeo cards Greenpufflekm3
cost:10 trading points

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